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Motivation, determination, experience and competence - that is what makes the employees of SANLAS Holding so special. For many decades, our team of experts has provided world-class concepts in management & consulting as well as sophisticated care and innovative solutions in all areas of our facilities.

Management SANLAS Holding

OMR Prim. Prof. Dr. Günter Nebel

+43 3133 / 2274 9110

SANLAS Holding
Divisional Management
Office & Project Management

Eva Winterleitner
+43 664 88 93 57 94

Quality Management
Controlling & Finance Management
Data Protection


Hospitals & care

We offer our patients modern, state-of-the-art therapies, treatments and information. Through the regular participation of our employees in specialist congresses and specific further education, the employees in all SANLAS facilities are part of the permanent development and innovation process and are actively shaping their professional skills. 

Privatklinik Hollenburg in eine schöne Landschaft eingebettet.

Quality management

"Competence and quality at all times" is our motto - a corporate philosophy lived by SANLAS Holding and its facilities.  Since 2005, SANLAS Holding is committed to meeting the extensive quality requirements of the international QM standard EN ISO 9001 as amended in their operations and processes, aiming at a continuous reviewing and improving of the quality of services.

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