Our special offer


The offer of our rehabilitation hospital is aimed at people who are seriously affected by the outbreak of a mental illness in their lifestyle and for personal reasons do not want to be admitted to a public hospital.

We offer immediate admission without waiting time to be able to initiate the necessary medical and therapeutic measures in the protected and discrete environment of a private specialist hospital without any time delay.

There is always the possibility with our medical director Prim. Sigurd Hochfellner under 0664/5486020 or on duty on duty senior physician under 03132/53553 to lead a preliminary discussion.

After the inpatient admission, a diagnostic clarification takes place, if necessary also using various diagnostic technical aids. Subsequently, an individual therapy program is created immediately, in which the medical care, psychotherapy and physically and creatively oriented forms of therapy are in the foreground.

Our experience shows that even after two-week stays, a significant improvement in the symptom burden can be expected. If necessary, the length of stay can be extended according to individual needs.

If due to a particular occupational stress situation, the residence time can only be short, there is the possibility of an outpatient or day care aftercare that can be provided by the original referential therapeutic team.

We are always at your disposal for your personal requests and for the preparation of your individual therapy program on +43 (0) 3132/53 553 or by email to office@privatklinik-stradegund.at.

We look forward to accompanying you in your life!