We look after people of all care levels (1-7). Excluded are persons with respiratory mechanical support. The care concept we use according to Monika Krohwinkel is the basis for our daily activities and provides orientation for our employees, but also for all persons who are in contact with our company.

What we work on:

  • We work according to the ethical principles of nursing, which does not ask about race, gender, political attitude and religion, but is based on the needs of the individual, taking into account the social environment and their living habits.
  • We want to make our residents feel comfortable and at home in our facilities
  • We want to offer relatives the opportunity to actively participate in our everyday life.
  • We accept a "NO" of the resident if he does not want to participate in our activating actions.
  • We respect life and respect a dignified dying.
  • The aim of our work is a continuous improvement of care and support.
  • We value each other’s personality in our work and daily life
  • Through regular team discussions and the exchange of information of all professional groups, we ensure the knowledge about our residents.
  • For critically ill people, we enable animal therapy to promote perception.


  • 24 h nursing care
  • care of all ages and care levels
  • all necessary diets on doctor's orders
  • wound management
  • in-house physiotherapy and massage
  • weekly animal therapy with dogs
  • exercise offer with gymnastics
  • creative offers such as music making, singing, handicrafts, painting and crafts as well as weekly visits by young people
  • cognitive training: memory exercises, individual and group discussions
  • festivals in the annual cycle, games and social events as well as joint excursions
  • long and short-term care
  • family counseling
  • Advice and assistance with administrative matters
  • Billing with social welfare agencies

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