Patients rights

In Austria, patients can essentially rely on the following patient rights:


Legal basis

to be informed

Regulations for doctors
to be conscientiously looked after

Regulations for doctors

to be asked before a treatment or surgical intervention (even "small" surgical procedures), if you agree (declaration of consent)Criminal code, hospital law
on human dignity and recognition of maturityConstitutional Law, General Civil Code
that the treating persons or the administrators of the medical data remain secretive to othersData protection law, doctors' law
on social assistancevarious welfare laws of the federal states
to report or accuse medical errorsHuman Rights Convention, Basic Law
Bodily injuries, torments, neglect, etc. displayGeneral Civil Code, Convention on Human Rights, Medical Law

on first aid

Penal law, doctors' law, hospital law
on social assistance before discharge from the hospital

Hospital Acts

for help or advice from the Ombudsmanvarious welfare laws of the federal states