Education and advice

1 / First interview - detailed information and advice

We would be happy to accompany you on your decision-making path and advise you with an extremely responsible, medically competent but also discreet way of dealing with you with regard to your physical, mental and visual well-being. We take enough time for the conversation, as the desired corrections and cosmetic interventions are planned individually and tailored to the personality of the individual. Our Mirror Imaging System offers a perfect decision-making aid and an excellent planning tool - a computer photo simulation that shows you in advance what you will look like after the procedure and thus gives you the confidence to take the right step.

2 / preparation for the operation

You will be thoroughly and calmly prepared for your operation. This essentially includes an examination of the suitability for a surgical operation and sufficient time to prepare for the procedure internally. It goes without saying that we will accompany you on this journey and are always available to answer your questions.

3/ Operation

You have placed your trust in the hands of very experienced, competent and highly qualified surgeons who strive for an excellent result of the operation. An anesthetist will be present for the entire duration of your procedure and will take care of your well-being.

4 / care after the operation

After the operation, you will be well looked after by our team of doctors and nurses while you wake up. With active follow-up, the heart, circulation and breathing are monitored until we are convinced of your well-being. In the Schwarzl Medical Hotel you can relax sufficiently and enjoy the beautiful surroundings on the Laßnitzhöhe. In the meantime, we are on site for your concerns and would like to give you the feeling of security in this way.