Pain therapy

Pain - especially "chronic pain" - is a widespread problem in the population, which leads to enormous burden on the patients.
In Austria, more than 20% of adults suffer from chronic pain, which is around 1.7 million people.

The treatment of pain patients requires a corresponding expertise and multidisciplinary cooperation in order to ensure a reliable diagnosis, clarification and corresponding treatment of pain patients. We address this problem and have therefore founded the first nerve pain center in Styria in the Schwarzl Clinic.

The peripheral nervous system, nerve tracts that lie outside the brain and spinal cord and are distributed over the entire human body like a power network, can now be accurately represented with the help of high-resolution ultrasound. This enormously facilitates diagnosis and guarantees exact therapy planning. In addition to conservative measures (including pain medication and physiotherapy) pain-conducting nerves can be severed by microsurgical intervention in the presence of a correct diagnosis. As a result, almost all patients are again pain-reduced or even pain-free.

In a detailed conversation we can often receive the correct diagnosis. This is done by a subsequent ultrasound examination, performed by the nerve shearing expert Dr. med. Georg Riegler from the PUC-Private Ultrasound Center, confirmed or rejected. On the basis of the ultrasound findings and any additional examinations, therapy planning is carried out. We have a comprehensive network of trusted medical specialists at our disposal.

1. Appointments and assignment

The appointment for an initial medical consultation, including ultrasound examination via the Schwarzl Medical Team under the phone number 03133/6100 or by mail under

A referral by a specialist / general practitioner is not absolutely necessary, but often provides important information and thus facilitates the initial examination and the talk with the patient.

Our assignment form, with which physicians from all disciplines can assign patients to the Schwarzl Clinic, is available for download.(Download)

2. Fees for the first interview and examination

Initial consultation incl. Ultrasound examination: from € 120, -

3. Settlement of nerve surgery

If a surgical procedure is to be carried out, our contracts with the supplementary insurances can be used to settle microsurgical interventions or operative selective denervations as a daily clinical intervention directly with the patient's supplementary insurance.

For patients without additional insurance as a private taxpayer, a detailed cost estimate based on the insurance contract will be provided after the briefing.

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FO Zuweisung Nervenschmerz-Zentrum

Private Ultrasound Center / Dr. Georg Riegler