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Nursing & care

Multiprofessional team

The nursing home Neutillmitsch-Gralla is a care facility for people who require comprehensive care and support due to their mental illness and / or a mental disability. In order to ensure an optimal environment for our residents, our employees are carefully selected and exclusively well trained.

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Our services

Psychiatric care focuses on accompanying and supporting mentally ill people in their everyday life. Our goal is to achieve the longest possible independence of care and support for every resident with an individual therapy programme.

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In our therapy concept, occupational therapy plays the central role without pressure to perform and stress. In the foreground are both interactive and social therapeutic measures as well as creative craft activities and activities of life.

Our goals of occupational therapy:

  • We are a company providing services; we shall contribute to preservation of independence and consistency of people’s life despite of individual mental disorders and social restraints.
  • We are doing our best to improve and preserve physical and mental health of our patients as well as to provide a continuous process of their living arrangement in individual, social and religious spheres.
  • We try to provide care and support to our patients if their relationship with people around deteriorates within the period of disease and mental disorder.
  • We help our patients to contact the outside world.
  • We always try to find answers for the new questions arising in our everyday work and we generally intend to ensure transparency of our healthcare center



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