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Fröhliche junge Frau.

Medical services

We offer our patients modern, state-of-the-art therapies, treatments and consulting services. Regularly participating in specialist congresses and specific advanced training, the employees in all SANLAS facilities are part of our permanent development and innovation process and are actively shaping their professional skills.

Global thinking and the openness towards new methods and techniques allow us to examine new perspectives for an even greater treatment success and, where appropriate, to integrate them into diverse medical treatment programs.

Quality management

"Competence and quality at all times" is our motto - a corporate philosophy lived by SANLAS Holding and its facilities.  Since 2005, SANLAS Holding is committed to meeting the extensive quality requirements of the international QM standard EN ISO 9001 as amended in their operations and processes, aiming at a continuous reviewing and improving of the quality of services.

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