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Acute medicine and plastic-aesthetic surgery

In the context of acute medicine, our range of services includes all medical emergency measures for acute illnesses and accidents. The Private Hospital Leech is not only an elective surgical document hospital, but also provides around the clock possibility for undergoing conservative treatments and surgical interventions (conservative treatment refers to the treatment of diseases / symptoms without surgery). The two operating rooms and the intervention room are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are always ready to be used in acute cases with the in-house surgical and anesthesia team and the surgeon of your choice. Thus, in the Private Hospital Leech there’s also a possibility to undergo an urgent interventions such as painful kidney stones or sports injuries with short waiting time, that can be organized and carried out. After the procedure - whether planned or acute - you will be professionally cared for in our in-house IMCU (Intermediate Care Unit) by our qualified personnel. If an additional rehabilitation will be necessary, then this can be organized immediately afterwards in our rehabilitation center in the Private Hospital Laßnitzhöhe.

Founded in 1998, the Schwarzl Klinik in the Styrian Laßnitzhöhe is now one of the most recognized institutions in Europe in the field of plastic-aesthetic surgery (cosmetic surgery) and lifestyle medicine. The Schwarzl Klinik is also home to the Schwarzl Medical Center, where numerous specialist coordinators from various medical fields and institutions are expanding the medical offering.

Private Hospital Leech

Acute medicine, documentary hospital, day clinic, Med Center

Die Privatklinik Leech von der Straße aus.

Private Hospital Schwarzl

Plastic-aesthetic surgery, day clinic, Med Center Schwarzl 

Außenansicht der Schwarzlklinik.

Quality management

"Competence and quality at all times" is our motto - a corporate philosophy lived by SANLAS Holding and its facilities.  Since 2005, SANLAS Holding is committed to meeting the extensive quality requirements of the international QM standard EN ISO 9001 as amended in their operations and processes, aiming at a continuous reviewing and improving of the quality of services.

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