Medical rehabilitation due to the Covid pandemic or after a Covid-19 illness

The rehabilitation measures in connection with the Covid-19 virus are very different. An individual treatment plan is put together for all patients at the Sanlas Private Clinics due to the different disease courses and effects of Covid-19 disease. This enables a therapy tailored to the patient by our specially trained treating doctors and therapists as well as the nursing staff. The primary goal is always to improve the overall physical and mental condition of our patients.

Psychological consequences


The exceptional situation of the pandemic or the consequences of a corona disease can lead to serious anxiety disorders and depression in people. Fears are normal and allowed to be, they are part of our lives. But they must not overwhelm us and block our lives. Therefore it is very important to seek competent help at the first sign of mental health problems. Stress factors caused by the corona pandemic, such as the insecurity of one's own future with regard to losing one's job, social isolation and worrying about family and friends, pose a great challenge for one's own inner balance.



Orthopedic and neurological consequences


Covid disease mostly affects the lungs, but it can also affect other organs. Neurological symptoms can also occur. Most neurological abnormalities affect the sense of smell and taste. Furthermore, an encephalopathic syndrome can lead to dizziness, headaches, confusion, states of agitation and strokes. Orthopedic impairments are primarily shown by the long immobility in muscle, weakness, as well as in loss of strength and restricted mobility, pain in the limbs and joints.

Our post-covid treatment programs

Our Covid-19 therapy concepts from SANLAS Holding Clinics were specially developed for the individual needs of our patients who suffer from physical or psychological stress of corona disease. 

Treatment program in Private Clinic Laßnitzhöhe - Orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation

Treatment program in Private Clinic St. Radegund - Mental illness rehabilitation

Treatment program in Private Clinic Hollenburg - Mental illness rehabilitation

Private Clinic Lassnitzhöhe

Orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation

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Private Clinic St. Radegund

Mental illness rehabilitation

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Außenbereich der Privatklinik St. Radegund.

Private Clinic Hollen­burg

Mental illness rehabilitation

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Privatklinik Hollenburg in eine schöne Landschaft eingebettet.

PRIVATE OFFERS for self-payers

Furthermore, the wide range of services in our clinics offers patients the option of private rehabilitation for mental, neurological and orthopedic diseases.

» Variable length of stay

» An immediate admission without waiting

» Individually tailored therapies

The way to us

Application for the rehabilitation

1. The general practitioner or specialist clarifies the medical necessity of rehabilitation and then submits an application for rehabilitation.

2. The respective indication must be ticked or given.

3. The desired Sanlas Clinic can be named as the desired contractual facility under "Location".

4. The application is then sent to the responsible insurance company. If the application has been approved, the patient receives a declaration of cost coverage from the insurance company.

5. The further appointment planning takes place in coordination with the patient.