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Reporting of tips

The internal reporting office offers you the opportunity to report information in accordance with the HSchG regarding suspected violations of regulations in the areas of public procurement, financial services, product safety, traffic safety, environmental protection, food safety, animal protection, public health, consumer protection, data protection and corruption.
Violations of regulations in the area of ​​employee protection are not included.

How can I submit a tip?
To do this, please simply fill out the information submission form that can be downloaded via this link. In order for your report to be processed and followed up appropriately, it is important that the form is filled out carefully and the report is as specific as possible.
It is helpful if you consider the five W questions when making your report:
Who? What? When? How? Where?

When submitting your report, please ensure that your descriptions can also be understood by non-experts.
Please send the completed form to:
Form for submitting written comments

What happens to the note?
The report is first checked by the internal reporting office, and if there is reasonable suspicion of a violation, appropriate measures are taken (remediation of the violation, reporting to an external body, etc.), about which you will also be informed in accordance with the HSchG.

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