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What is the outpatient rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is understood in medicine as the restoration of the physical and / or mental abilities of a patient following a disease, trauma or surgery. As a secondary objective, a reintegration into social and working life should be achieved.

Outpatient rehabilitation is an alternative to in-patient rehabilitation and, as far as possible, is offered near the place of residence. This results in significant benefits for the person concerned. Since the outpatient rehabilitation takes place in the vicinity of the place of residence, one has the advantage that in the evening in the familiar environment, one can understand and repeat all the things that one has learned during rehabilitation during the day. Another advantage of outpatient rehabilitation is that the insured person does not have to pay any additional costs, as is the case with inpatient rehabilitation.

There is also the possibility of keeping in contact with the employer or company and the attending physicians during the rehabilitation program. The treatments and therapies, as well as the rehabilitation offer can be made more flexible and the individual needs can be considered. In addition, outpatient rehabilitation also offers benefits to those persons for whom inpatient treatment at the rehab clinic is not possible for certain reasons.

Outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation takes place over a period of six weeks, at least four days a week.