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Who makes the application for outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation?

The application is justified by the doctor (general practitioner, specialist physician, doctor in a stationary institution) and forwarded to the responsible social security.

If the application has been approved by the Pension Insurance

the insured will receive from us the admission date and information. The costs for the rehabilitation stay will be borne by the pension insurance companies. The travel costs are to be paid by yourself.

The admission to our clinic takes place in the following steps:

Step 1:

Written application in the form of the rehabilitation application form of the Social Insurance Institution by the attending physician.

Step 2:

Please mark in the application form on page 2 "outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation" and indicate the "reha bruck".

Step 3:

The application is now made by the attending physician (general practitioner, specialist physician, doctor in a hospital setting).

Step 4:

Upon receipt of the valid permit, a suitable appointment will be arranged with you and the information about the stay sent.

Whom can I contact?

If you have further questions, our team will be pleased to answer any questions by phone at 03862-51781-0 or via email: office@reha-bruck.at

Application for rehabilitation, spa or relaxation day can be downloaded here