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Our services

Our Services of psychatric nursing

  • We recognize, strengthen and support the resources and abilities of our residents.
  • We promote and maintain independence and automony of our residents.
  • We offer a daily and weekly structure in practical areas.
  • We carefully watch and recognize any changes in the residents`s lifes.
  • We cooperate and exchange experience with other occupational groups.

Our goals of the psychatric nursing

In the course of psychitric nursing we focus more on the effects of the person's diseas than on the disease itself. It's our goal to reach the maximum of independance for the patients in cooperation of our team. We focus on the patients needs and grant individual treatment and support.

Our services

  • 24/7 presence of the higher health and nursing services
  • Execution of medical diagnosis and therapeutic responses
  • Continuous treatment by a doctor of psychiatry
  • Nursing, caretaking and support in psychosocial context
  • Sozialpedagogic and mental caretaking
  • Creativ, music, movement and relexation opertunities
  • Pet therapy
  • a structured day based upon the normalization prinzip
  • Support of existing resurces
  • More happiness, social competences and reintegration
  • Individual planning for the future
  • Help at elevating selfesteem
  • Better endurance and resilience
  • Support during moodswings aswell as crisises
  • Individual specific support during therapie with special diets