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Information for residents

Registration and admission

In case you are interested in joining us, or you have any quastions concerning our service it's always a possability to contact our management. We also have an option in which you can visit our house and/or get all the needed information through personal consultation after arranging a meeting with one of our employees in the managment.

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Residents rights

  • Right to polite manners and respect for the dignity and personality, especially to the privacy and intimacy.
  • Right to care and support in the scope of services and to consent or refusal of therapeutic measures.
  • Right to inspect your own care documentation.
  • Right to name a confidant who has to be informed in essential matters.
  • Right to hold residents meetings (at least 1 x per year) and the choice of resident representatives.
  • Right to treatment and handling of complaints.
  • Right to free choice of doctor.
  • Right to be consulted outside the home.
  • Right to visiting hours outside of the night's rest periods and the possibility of visiting during the night's rest period in special cases.
  • Right to meals and rest periods, which correspond to the usual living conditions (eg meal plans).
  • Right of access to a telephone.
  • Right to personal clothing.
  • Right to payment documents for special services.
  • Possibility to safely store money and valuables.
  • Right to hand over the home statute.