We provide services to patients of all care categories (1-7), except for the patients with apparatus for artificial respiration. Monika Krohwinkel’s conception is the basis of our care services and everyday activities. It provides guidance either for staff or for persons related to our center.

What our work is devoted to:

  • We provide our patients with care in accordance with ethnicity meaning not to segregate people by race, gender, religion or political opinion but to take into account requirements of each patient, his/her social environment and lifestyle.
  • We are trying to organize our patients‘ day so that they feel comfortable and cozy in our center.
  • We provide opportunity for trusted and close persons to participate in everyday life of the center
  • We accept patient’s “NO” if he/she does not want to participate in our events or activities aimed at enhancing.
  • We appreciate and respect death with dignity
  • Aim of our work is continuous quality improvement of care and supervision
  • We perform comprehensive assessment of our services and staff
  • Through regular meetings and continuous information exchange we are always aware of our patients’ health
  • For seriously ill patients we perform therapy to return ability to perceive world around


Our services

  • 24 hours care & supervision
  • Care & supervision of all patients regardless of age and care level
  • All required diets prescribed by a doctor
  • Wound management
  • Inhouse physiotherapy and massage
  • Weekly animal therapy programme with dogs
  • Diverse options for exercise and gym
  • Creative offers such as making music, singing, painting and craftings as well as weekly visits of young people
  • Cognitive trainings, memory exercises, individual and team traininigs
  • Seasonals feats, games and social acitivities as well as joint excursions
  • Longterm- and shortterm care
  • Advice for relatives
  • Consulting and support for administrative matters
  • Invoicing with providers of social benefits

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