Among other things our center supports healthcare specialists within their training period. We signed contracts with following educational institutes:

  • Bergler
  • Drumbl
  • Grats, Frohnleiten and Radkersburg health and nursing education school
  • Training center for care specialists of fededal land Styrian
  • Caritas
  • AMS training center for care specialists
  • EMG Academy
  • BFI



Following organizations and healthcare specialists provide us with the services

  • Physical therapy polyclinic located near city park.
  • Services of speech and language therapist
  • Services of all healthcare specialists and possibility to arrange council of neuropathologists of Lassnitzhohe private clinic
  • Services of physiologist of Lassnitzhohe private clinic
  • General practitioners at patient’s option                                  
  • Berghold laboratory and Lorenz laboratory
  • Mobile team of specialists of care and treatment for seriously ill patients
  • Therapy dogs
  • Kindergartens, choirs and religious communities
  • Coordination with certificated social workers
  • Coordination with all medical institutes and hospitals of the region




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