Our center

Our center is a private institution, we provide our patients with individual care and supervision in accordance with their age and requirements. We provide variety of services (including medical), comprehensive care and supervision of our patients.
At patients’ requests their families can be involved in care process and everyday life of the center. Our efforts focus on health and satisfaction of patients’ and their families’ requirements.Focus on patients, satisfaction of their requirements and needs as well as focus on our staff is an integral part of our center activities.

Our house, your new home

Our house should be a new home to its residents and so are relatives welcome to us - at the request of the resident, these can even be included in care and home life. It is particularly important to us not only to offer our residents optimal medical and nursing care, but also to bring a high degree of humanity, friendliness and warmth.

Short-term care

We also offer the possibility of short-term care, which includes a temporary admission. It should provide relatives the opportunity to enjoy a planned vacation carefree or serve as a transition from hospitalization and home care.

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