In some aesthetic operations, there is a medical indication for a surgical correction (e.g. nose correction with functional impairment of nasal breathing, eyelid correction with restricted visual field, correction of too large breasts for spinal problems, abdominal wall tightening for diastasis rectus, liposuction for lipedema, etc.).

In the event that you have additional health insurance, the surgery costs will be reimbursed by this additional insurance. Prior to the operation, a chief medical approval from the social insurance is necessary. This must be submitted to the supplementary insurance. The reimbursement is based on operation groups, the insurance clerk can inform you of the amount planned for your intervention.

The surgery costs are then initially to be paid privately, the invoices can be submitted to the additional insurance and will then be reimbursed to you (in whole or in part, depending on the type and tariff of the additional insurance). A direct billing between the clinic and the additional insurance is unfortunately not possible.

In the consultation with the surgeon, he will inform you in detail and, if necessary, give you a request for the chief doctor of your basic insurance.

Cancellation conditions

In order to be able to ensure the best possible personal and medical care during your operation, your surgeon and a trained surgical team including assistant and anesthetist are available to you.

Remember that canceling your appointments at short notice will result in enormous organizational and / or cost expenditure. For this reason, we ask you to notify us of any changes in dates immediately!
In the following we would like to inform you about our cancellation conditions:

Withdrawal from the contract can only be made in writing and is free of charge up to 4 weeks before the surgery date. Thereafter, the following cancellation conditions apply based on the total operating costs:

  • Up to 3 weeks before the surgery date, 20% provision fee
  • Up to 2 weeks before the date of the operation, 30% provision fee
  • Less than 1 week before the surgery date, 50% provision fee
  • Unjustified no-show without prior cancellation 70% commitment fee