Breast surgery: breast enlargement / breast reduction / breast lift

A well-formed breast as a symbol of femininity is the desire of many woman. The female contours can be affected by predisposition, pregnancy, breastfeeding and hormonal changes, so too small and asymmetrical, but also too large, drooping breasts can significantly disturb physical and mental well-being.

An oversized breast can lead to considerable stress discomfort on the part of the spine, painful cutting into bra straps, and even chafing and irritation in the crease of the breast. Therefore, if the breast is too large, there is a medical indication for breast reduction.

Breast enlargement is the most common plastic and aesthetic procedure. High quality implants or autologous fat are used during breast surgery.

The decision to undergo breast surgery requires a well-founded decision-making process and must be accompanied by detailed explanations and information. We combine your very personal desire for a harmonious appearance with an extremely responsible, medically competent but also discreet treatment of you in terms of your physical, mental and visual well-being.

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