Chin correction

The shape of the chin determines the appearance of your profile to a very large extent. An inharmonious-looking face can be due to a chin that is too weak ("receding") or a chin that protrudes too much. Ideally, the forehead, lips and chin should be on the same level. If this is not the case, the harmony of the face may be impaired.
The aim of the operation is to balance the proportions of the face by changing the shape and / or size of the chin.
If the chin is too weak ("receding"), the chin contour can be strengthened by inserting an implant or by correcting the bone, and if the chin is too pronounced, a profile correction can be achieved by removing a part of the bone.

The decision to undergo a chin correction requires a lengthy decision-making process and must be accompanied by detailed explanations and information. We understand your very personal desire for a harmonious appearance and provide you with an extremely responsible, medically competent but also discreet approach. 

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