Forehead / eyebrow lift

Over the years, the skin on the forehead and in the temple area loses its elasticity due to various factors, but also due to strong facial expressions and genetic predispositions. This leads to transverse forehead wrinkles, a sagging forehead region and lower eyebrows, with the result that the person looks tired and exhausted, and sagging skin makes the face appear older.

An eyebrow lift, for example, can help with achieving significant positive effects: a younger look, face freshness and youthfulness.

The decision to have a forehead / eyebrow lift requires a lengthy decision-making process and must be accompanied by detailed explanations and information. We understand your very personal desire for beauty and youthful appearance and offer you a responsible, medically competent but also discreet approach to your physical, mental and visual well-being.

Please arrange an initial appointment with us so that we can discuss your concerns in detail.

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