Injection with hyaluronic acid solutions (wrinkle injection, lip modeling)

Wrinkle injection:
Wrinkle injection without surgery, also known as liquid lifting, is the simplest and fastest form of wrinkle treatment. In just a few minutes, wrinkles are plumped up by injecting substances and the missing volume in the face is built up with so-called fillers (hyaluronic acid, autologous fat, etc.).

Lip modeling / lip augmentation:
The aim of lip augmentation is to give the lip a uniform shape, a naturally full volume and a better contour, or to fill in the lost or missing volume and / or to enlarge it.
The injection materials are introduced into the mucous membrane area of ​​the lip or along the lip contour and into the mostly radial folds on the upper and lower lip via punctures with very thin cannulas.
The filling substance gives the lip a natural and full volume and any wrinkles outside of the red lip are evened out.

The decision to undergo wrinkle injection or lip modeling requires a lengthy decision-making process and must be accompanied by detailed explanations and information. We understand your very personal desire for a harmonious appearance and provide you with an extremely responsible, medically competent but also discreet approach to you in terms of your physical, mental and visual well-being.

Aesthetic interventions are planned individually and tailored to the personality of the person. We would be happy to advise you on the use of the different fillers. In addition, we assure you that we concudt our procedures only with tested and and proven methods - new scientific findings naturally flow into our application techniques.

Please arrange an initial appointment with us so that we can discuss your concerns in detail.

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