The body stores body fat in different places in women and men. Depending on the predisposition, fat deposits can reach misshapen dimensions, which can only be changed to a limited extent by dieting and exercise. In women, these are mainly saddlebags on the outside of the thighs, but also visible in hips, buttocks, stomach, calves and inner thighs.This mostly genetic predisposition is referred to as a fat distribution disorder, as these body regions have more fat cell deposits than they are in the shape of the body. However, liposuction is not a procedure to fix general obesity!

The decision to have liposuction requires well-founded decision-making and must be accompanied by detailed education and information. We understand your very personal desire for a harmonious appearance and an improved attitude. We offer you an extremely responsible, medically competent but also discreet approach to your physical, mental and visual well-being.

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