Patient rights

Rights and obligations of patients of private clinic St. Radegund

Patients' rights are derived from fundamental rights and freedoms and are human rights that deal with human dignity and self-determination.

The regulations on patient rights are scattered across many areas of law.

From the patients' point of view, patient rights primarily derive directly from the treatment contract that is concluded between the patient and the respective healthcare professional or hospital provider. From the treatment contract a direct enforcement of rights is possible.

Patients have a right to:

  •     appropriate information and education about the medical facts concerning them
  •     Conscientious treatment and care according to the current state of medical, nursing and therapeutic science and experience
  •     Consent to or refusal of a treatment
  •     Recognition of her maturity and human dignity
  •     Confidentiality of the practitioners
  •     Topic of alleged medical errors
  •     First aid

Closely linked to rights are always duties and the assumption of responsibility. Although there are no expressly formulated obligations of the patients in the laws, they nevertheless exist. They result from the treatment contract and indirectly from the rights of health professionals.

The health maintenance, recovery and / or improvement of the state of health are in the self-interest of each patient. It is therefore also the responsibility of the patient to "collaborate" and "participate" in the healing efforts in order to achieve a corresponding treatment success.

Patients have the duty to:

  •     Compliance with treatment guidelines and individual treatment plans
  •     Active and constructive cooperation in the rehabilitation process, cooperation with doctors, therapists and nursing staff during psychiatric rehabilitation
  •     nicotine, alcohol and drug abstinence
  •     Adaptation to the necessary organizational requirements of the clinic
  •     Compliance with the house rules
  •     appropriate behavior towards fellow patients and hospital staff
  •     Maintaining the privacy rights of fellow patients and hospital staff