Therapeutic concept

We focus on the human being as a whole, not only on his/her illness. A disease not only results in their respective clinical symptoms, but also impairs the ability to actively participate in family, social and professional life. It is the task of rehabilitation medicine to diagnose and treat such consequences with the aim to restore the quality of life and performance of the person concerned.

In order to achieve this, medical, psychological, psychotherapeutic and sociotherapeutic insights into an overall action plan are summarized in an integrative therapeutic approach. Biological as well as psychological and social factors play an important role in the onset and improvement of psychosomatic and psychiatric disorders.
Therefore, you will be treated and looked after by a multiprofessional team.
This consists of:

    Specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine
    General practitioner with psychotherapy training
    Psychotherapists of the therapeutic methods recognized in Austria
    expressive therapists
    Clinical psychologists
    occupational therapists
    sports scientists
    social workers
    music therapists


Room of perception

The room of perception is a specially equipped environment used by occupational therapy, psychotherapy and clinical psychology and aims to address all primary sensory modalities.

Raum für optische Wahrnehmung in St. Radegund.

Therapy offer

During the 6-week stay, a comprehensive therapy program is offered for all patients. The exact program is individualized from patient to patient, with the common goal of getting back into a regular working life and pleasing social conditions, if possible, as well as achieving a substantial improvement in self-esteem, functioning, complacency.

Therapiegruppe im Turnsaal der Privatklinik St. Radegund.