Psychatric rehabilitation

Mental and functional disorders cause an increasing social problem and affect an ever-increasing number of people. Not only the personal suffering of those affected, but also chronically limited performance, which can lead to a loss of employment, require effective supportive and treatment measures.

Rehabilitation goal

The aim is to accompany patients during their 6-week stay because of depression, psychosomatic illnesses, anxiety disorders, mental crises or burnout syndrome on the way back to the most satisfactory and stable family, social and working life possible.

Prim. Sigurd Hochfellner, medical director of the Private Hospital St. Radegund: "It is important for us to improve the personal health and to enable the re-entry into the social and professional environment."

Glückliche Frau mit ausgestreckten Armen.

Burnout-Rehabilitation of SVA

The "Sozialversicherungsanstalt der gewerblichen Wirtschaft -  the social security fund for trade and industry (SVA)" will cover the costs of rehabilitation and temporary disability of active pensioners as part of a rehabilitation stay in the Private Hospital St. Radegund. The assignment to the burnout rehabilitation is carried out by the chief medical service of the SVA.

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Stationary immediate treatment of KFA Graz and KFA Vienna

For insured persons of the KFA Graz and Vienna, we guarantee a very quick and flexible admission to our Private Hospital in order to be able to support your need for mental and physical well-being as quickly as possible.

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Therapeutic concept

The heart of the psychiatric rehabilitation is the psychotherapeutic treatment, which takes place in group and individual therapies. Other important elements of the treatment are occupational therapy, physiotherapy, sports therapy, music therapy, clinical-psychological treatment, social work counseling and nutritional counseling, massage, nursing support for all everyday problems and suggestions for leisure activities.

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Ein Team das die Händer zusammenhält.


During the 6-week stay a comprehensive therapy program is offered for all patients. The exact program is individualized from patient to patient, with the common goal of getting back into a regular working life and pleasing social conditions, if possible, as well as achieving a substantial improvement in self-esteem, functioning and self-complacency.

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Therapiegruppe im Turnsaal der Privatklinik St. Radegund.

Perception space

The perception space is a specially equipped environment used by occupational therapy, psychotherapy and clinical psychology and aims to address all primary sensory modalities.

Raum für optische Wahrnehmung in St. Radegund.

The first day of your rehab

In order to make your arrival as uncomplicated and pleasant as possible, we have created a detailed plan, in which you can read the agenda of the first and second day in our clinic as well as numerous useful information.

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Your way to us

In order to get treatments in our clinic the medical necessity must be justified by the attending physician and subsequently applied for at first. If a rehabilitation is to take place immediately after a hospital stay, the application will be submitted by the respective hospital department.

Cooperation partners & application


If you have any questions concerning the admission to our Private Hospital, you are very welcome to call us on +43 (0) 3132 53 553.