Symptoms & treatment focus

Important psychiatric conditions and situations in which such dysfunctions occur.


  •     fatigue, burnout
  •     depressions
  •     psychosomatic diseases
  •     anxiety disorders
  •     post-treatment after stays in the acute hospital
  •     aftercare after severe emotional crisis
  •     mental trauma
  •     behavioral disorders with physical disorders and factors
  •     certain personality disorders


  •     acute mental disorders
  •     acute self or other hazard
  •     predominate bed-rest and / or long-term care
  •     brain organic disorders
  •     lack of motivation for a rehabilitation
  •     cases where the treatment of specialized institutions is more appropriate (e.g. patients with alcohol and / or drug dependence, eating disorders)

What is important to us here is a holistic consideration with a focus on communicating psycho physical relationships (keyword: exercise - nutrition - mental and physical health).

To be able to improve constantly we feel obliged to evaluate our work and do research on burnout and psychiatric rehabilitation. Our highly qualified medical-therapeutic team is supported by our competent mental health and nursing staff.


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