Who makes the application for psychiatric rehabilitation?

The application for psychiatric rehabilitation is made by the practicing medical practitioner or specialist. If a rehabilitation is to be made immediately after a hospital stay (follow-up treatment), the application is submitted by the respective hospital department.

The admission to our Private Hospital takes place in the following steps:

Step 1:
Written application in the form of the rehabilitation application form of the Social Insurance Institution by the attending physician.

Step 2:
Please tick "rehabilitation" and "other" on the application form and name "mental illness" as an indication. Under "place" you have the possibility to name the Private Hospital St. Radegund as desired contract organization.

Step 3:
The application is now made by the attending physician (general practitioner, specialist physician, doctor in a hospital setting).

Step 4:
Upon receipt of the valid authorization, an appropriate appointment will be arranged with the patient and the information about the stay will be sent.

The costs for the rehabilitation stay will be borne by the pension insurance companies.

Please download the application for rehabilitation, spa or relaxation stay here:

Application form

Our contracting partners

  • Pensionsversicherungsanstalt
  • SVA of the industrial economy
  • SVA of the farmers
  • Insurance company public employee
  • SVA for railway and mining
  • LKUF Upper Austria
  • GKK Styria
  • GKK Burgenland
  • Hospital for the City of Graz
  • Healthcare Institution of the City of Vienna

Of course, we are also happy to serve private patients - find out more about our offer here!