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Our offer

Therapeutic short-term stay in a crisis situation

Crises caused by loss situations or other psychological stress can lead to reactive depression with insomnia, concentration and memory disorders, mental disorders, compulsive or anxiety symptoms that are difficult to control on an outpatient basis. For these cases, we offer a short-term therapeutic stay, during which the affected person can adapt to new goals and needs. All therapeutic interventions are geared to the personal situation of the person affected in order to bring about a quick relief and generate new perspectives.

Stabilization stay after acute treatment

Often after an acute treatment in the clinic further stabilization is required. In this phase, the acute symptoms have already subsided and the therapeutic development and regeneration phase can begin. The stabilization stay optimally prepares the patient for a return home. Any existing need for care at home can be organized through the social work of the clinic.

Rehabilitation stays for self-payers and company employees

Many companies want to finance their employees a short-term rehabilitation stay, in order to prevent a "burnout" with long-term illness and several months of a stoppage. 

Already 2-3 weeks rehabilitation treatments bring a satisfying success. The rehabilitation can be scheduled quickly and without long waiting times. The employee thus receives the necessary "time-out" and help at a time that he can determine in consultation with his own company. The therapy program is individually tailored and the discharge date can be determined in advance.

Therapeutic offer