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Psychiatric rehabilitation

If functional problems in the inpatient or outpatient curative medical care can not be adequately treated, the sick leave pile up. In many cases it can be associated with the loss of the job. In such situation, an assignment to rehabilitation should be considered.

Major psychiatric conditions and situations in which such dysfunctions occur are:

  • Fatigue, Burnout
  • Depression
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Post-treatment after stays in the acute hospital
  • Aftercare after severe emotional crisis 
  • Mental trauma
  • Behavioral disorders with physical disorders and factors 
  • Certain personality disorders


  • acute mental illness (lack of stability)
  • acute self or other hazard
  • predominantly bedridden and/or dependent persons 
  • organic brain disorder (OBD)
  • persons who are not motivated for the rehabilitation
  • persons whose treatment is better served by specialized institutions (eg patients with alcohol and / or drug dependence, eating disorders)

Rehabilitation in general

The term "rehabilitation" refers to a process that aims to help people regain and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and / or social functioning levels, thus helping them to change their lives towards a higher level of health given independence. The rehabilitation process covers a wide spectrum from elementary and general rehabilitative measures and actions to specific, individually goal-oriented procedures.

Rehabilitation of mental and functional disorders

Psychiatric rehabilitation, within the social psychiatric supply chain, is a treatment offering designed to improve self-esteem, functioning, complacency, and overall improved quality of life.

There is no question that a satisfactory occupation has a positive effect on mental health. The scientifically proven mutual influence of mental health and professional performance is therefore at the center of psychiatric rehabilitation. But even if resuming employment seems difficult or even impossible, improving functional health and a satisfactory life in family and community can be a useful goal in psychiatric rehabilitation.