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Illnesses & treatment focuses

Psychiatric conditions and situations that can be treated in our hospital


  • Fatigue, burnout
  • Depression
  • Psychosomatic disorders 
  • Anxiety
  • Post-treatment after acute hospital stays 
  • After care after severe emotional crisis 
  • Mental trauma
  • Behavioral disorders with physical disorders and factors 
  • Certain personality disorders 


  • Acute mental disorders 
  • Acute self or other hazard
  • Predominate bed-rest and / or long-term care
  • Brain organic disorders
  • Lack of motivation towards rehabilitation 
  • Cases where the treatment of specialized institutions is more appropriate (for example patients with alcohol and / or drug dependence, eating disorders)

What is important to us here is a holistic approach with a focus on communicating psychophysical relationships (keyword: exercise - nutrition - mental and physical health).

To get better and better we feel obliged to evaluate our work and do research on burnout and psychiatric rehabilitation. Our highly qualified medical-therapeutic team is supported by our competent mental health and nursing staff.

How do I submit a rehabilitation application for mental illness rehabilitation for my patients?

If your patient suffers from disorders of psychosocial health (adjustment disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, congestion syndromes, burnout...), we offer the possibility of a 6-week rehabilitation in the Private Hospital Hollenburg. If you provide a curative procedure for your patient, tick on the application form "Rehabilitation" and "Other" and list  "Mental illness" as an indication. Under "Location" you have the opportunity to choose the Private Hospital Hollenburg as a desired contract facility.

Application for rehabilitation, spa or relaxation stay - download here.


Our contractors

  • Pensionsversicherungsanstalt
  • SVA of the industrial economy
  • SVA of the farmers
  • Insurance company public employee
  • SVA for railway and mining
  • LKUF Upper Austria
  • GKK Lower Austria
  • Hospital for the City of Graz
  • Hospital for the City of Vienna

Of course, we are also happy to serve private patients - find out more about our offer here!