Glückliche Ärztin im Gespräch.

Patient rights

In Austria patients can essentially rely on the following patient rights: 


Legal basis: 

To be informed

Austrian Physicians Law

To be conscientiously looked after

Austrian Physicians Law
before a medical treatment or prior to surgery to be asked (even "small" surgery), whether one agrees (Consent)

Criminal law, hospital law

To human dignity and recognition of maturity 

Constitutional law, general civil code 

That the treating person or the administrators of the medical data respect the right to the privacy and personal information

Data protection law, Physician's law 

To social assistance 

Various welfare laws of the federal states 

To report or accuse medical errors 

Human rights convention, basic law 

To indicate the injuries, tornments, neglect, etc. 

General civil code, convention on human rights, medical law

To the first aid

Penal law, physician's law, hospital law 

auf soziale Hilfestellung vor Entlassung aus dem Krankenhaus

Hospitals Act 

auf Hilfe bzw. Rat durch den Ombudsmann

Various welfare laws of the federal states