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Insurance & costs

Billing with all health insurances

Direct billing with all major statutory health insurance funds and all private health insurance companies in Austria (supplementary insurance).

Wir rechnen direkt mit allen wesentlichen gesetzlichen Krankenversicherungsträgern und mit allen in Österreich tätigen privaten Krankenversicherern (Zusatzversicherungen) ab.

  • Direct billing is possible with all Austrian private insurance companies and almost all social insurance institutions. If you have a supplementary health insurance with a deductible, you will receive an invoice in the amount of the agreed deductible from your private health insurance after your stay. Your private health insurance company will be directly charged with all remaining costs.
  • GKK (Regional Health Insurances) of Burgenland, Salzburg and Vorarlberg are not directly offset. You will receive an invoice for the general fee for your stay. Please hand these in after payment to your regional health insurance institution (GKK Burgenland, GKK Vorarlberg or GKK Salzburg). Social insurance will refund you the full invoice amount.
  • If your social insurance insitution is BVA (Public Servant Insurance Corporation) or KFA (Health Insurance Fund for public service employees), you will receive an invoice from your treating physician to be refunded according to their rates.

Self-paying patients

Self-paying patients

Self-payer patients (patients who do not have private insurance) receive an advance offer tailored to their diagnosis and treatment plan, and can choose to receive treatment at Private Hospital Leech, with a peace of mind and with guaranteed costs. For medical services that are not covered by the insurance contracts and for patients who pay for the stay in whole or in part, cost estimates are also made after consultation with the attending physician.

  • Self-payers will be asked at the time of admission to pay a deposit as quoted in the estimate. The deposited deposit will be offset against us in the final bill.
  • If a self-payer does not comply with a planned stay, in the case of 1-day stays € 1,000 (+ 10% VAT), for 2 or more day stays € 2,000 (+ 10% VAT) will be charged as a cancellation fee. If the invoice amount is lower, this amount of the cost estimate will be charged as a cancellation fee.

Patients from abroad

For the most part, patients are reimbursed directly with foreign insurance companies. In other cases, patients receive a reimbursement of expenses according to their insurance rates. In these cases it is advisable to prepare a cost estimate for the treatment costs and to arrange an agreement with the foreign insurer before the stay.

  • If you are insured with a non-Austrian insurance and do not bear the costs for your stay at the Private Hospital Leech, please clarify with your insurance company before your stay whether and what costs will be covered (written confirmation from the insurance company is required for presentation upon admission). It is also possible for your insurance company to send this declaration of reimbursement to us before your stay - by fax: +43 (0) 316 3632 888 or by mail to: Private Hospital Leech, Hugo-Wolf-Gasse 2-4, 8010 Graz ,
  • In some cases there is a direct clearing contract with non-Austrian private insurance companies. If there is no direct clearing contract and there is no assumption of costs, a deposit must be paid at the time of admission according to the cost estimate.

The cost reimbursement question will gladly be dealt with by our patient administration if necessary.  Please address inquiries on these topics to our patient administration, Tel. +43 0316/3632-0 other via

Internationale Patienten

Wir bieten unseren internationalen Patienten eine Komplettbetreuung von der ersten Anfrage bis hin zum Verlassen der Klinik nach erfolgter Behandlung. Der internationale Patient wird von der Diagnose über die eventuell notwendige OP bis hin zur Rehabilitation und Wiedereingliederung in den Lebensprozess von derselben Bezugsperson betreut.
Aufgrund unserer Erfahrungen mit internationalen Patienten sind uns diverse interkulturelle Unterschiede bewusst.

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