Glückliche Ärztin im Gespräch.

Day clinic

On the ground floor of our hospital, we operate a modern day clinic, which allows patients to limit their stay for certain interventions to just one day. To make this stay as comfortable as possible, we offer guests of our day clinic a variety of convenient services.

Taxi pick-up

In order to provide patients from the entire southern and eastern Austrian area with speed and efficiency, patients are comfortably picked up from home by our patient taxi and are also brought back after the procedure.

Before and after the procedure

The admission takes place in the ground floor of the Private Hospital Leech, afterwards you are led into a rest room and in pleasant atmosphere on the forthcoming procedure, you are being prepared. After the procedure in the adjoining intervention space was carried out, you will be guided again into the rest room, and you will be ready to leave the clinic again, after the decay of the local Anesthesia (possibly accompanied by your relatives). The further treatment is carried out in the surgery area, by one of our affiliated doctors.

The medical services offered by our day-clinic: 

•       Ophthalmology
•       Eyelid scuplting 
•       Dermatology
•       Removal of birthmarks, skin tumors, including pathological clarification 
•       ENT
•       Infusion therapy for different pain conditions
•       Carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion, ring band split
•       Cataract operations
•       Orthopedy and trauma surgery
•       Plastic surgery, such as: earlobes, scar corrections

The billing of these procedures is made with the respective social insurance, if it covers the costs (for non-cash benefits, the previous chief physician approval is required), with the existing private health insurance or with you as a self-payer.

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