Glückliche Ärztin im Gespräch.

Care in the Private Hospital Leech

We are a multiprofessional, highly motivated nursing team, placing the promotion and preservation of patient’s health at the center of our actions. We support our patients in taking on activities of daily life to promote their well-being, their health and their quality of life.

The basis of our nursing activities is our humanistic approach, which sees in each human being an independent, intrinsically valuable personality and respects the diversity of human beings.

We meet our patients with expertise, dedication, kindness and sincerity, appreciation, individuality, human affection and empathetic understanding.

We see it as our task, together with the patient and his relatives, using therapeutic nursing concepts and an interdisciplinary team, to maintain the abilities of our patients, to promote independence and thus to improve the quality of life.

We accompany, support, motivate, activate and promote our patients in the recovery and rehabilitation, which has the task of treating functional disease consequences and to allow the patient to return to his social environment and his life without impairment. The conclusion is the dismissal management. The basis of our nursing thinking and acting is the nursing model according to Nancy Roper. The systematic, holistic approach, adapted care designed as nursing process has six steps:

  1. The information collection
  2. Recognizing the care problem and nursing diagnosis 
  3. Setting nursing goals 
  4. Planning the care measures
  5. The implementation of care using the care concepts 
  6. The assessment of the effect of care

Care means for the nursing team joy, enthusiasm and competence in the relationship and in dealing with people.