Zufriedene Kundin der Privatklinik Laßnitzhöhe.


State-of-the-art equipment in the Private Hospital Laßnitzhöhe

The Private Hospital Lassnitzhöhe has the most modern equipment to support the rehabilitative therapeutic work. One of these devices is the modern gang trainer robot (G-EO System), which can simulate not only walking, but also stair climbing. There are also weight-loss treadmills, state-of-the-art video-gait analysis, Motomed, Motoletto, ergometer, Galileo and a sling table

The ergotherpay rehabilitation is also supported by devices such as: Bi Manu Track, Pablo, Amadeo, Tymo, Myro and through the computerized shoulder training device to support upper limb rehabilitation. Psychology has several computer workstations for the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders. In the case of visual field limitations, beamer projection programs can be used for visual restitution and compensation. The latest electrotherapy equipment (hover modulation), a soft laser, an ultrasound and magnetic therapy and a lymphomat round off the offer optimally.

Diagnostic procedures (laboratory, ECG, ultrasound, 24h blood pressure) are performed partly in the Private Hospital Laßnitzhöhe, partly (X-ray, CT) in our sister company Private Hospital Leech in Graz.


Tyromotion - the clever therapy

The Private Hospital Laßnitzhöhe has a modern arm studio in which impaired or lost functions of the arm and the hand can be trained and re-learned on the most diverse robotics and computer-assisted therapy devices. The common feature of all devices is that in complete absence of active mobility as a result of paralysis, electric motors take over the function of the muscles and thus a movement in the joints is transmitted purely passive.

In case of partial weakness of the musculature, the devices can provide a finely dosed support of the restricted active mobility. All devices work interactively, which means that the patient is offered a virtual environment via a screen and that specific tasks have to be fulfilled in a goal-oriented manner.

The advantages of these modern devices are the applicability in neurological and orthopedic diseases, in light and severe functional failures, the individual adaptation and control and the very good motivation of the patients, which is achieved by the reward system in the context of virtual games. The patients are supervised by an occupational therapist during the sessions, who also has the opportunity to track the improvements in strength, coordination and range of motion through accurate computer-aided documentation.

Device types

There are different types of equipment available, which, depending on whether the impairment mainly affects the shoulder or elbow joint or the wrist and the finger joints are used.

  • AMADEO is used for finger / hand rehabilitation. 
  • DIEGO serves the arm / shoulder rehabilitation. 
  • PABLO can be used in different ways and is used to repetitively treat individual and multiple upper limb joints.
  • TYMO is used to support active strength and upper limb support activity. TYMO can also be used to improve balance and postural control, including sitting and standing.
  • MYRO can be used to improve fine motor skills, muscle strengthening as well as for cognitive training.

This wide range of modern, computer-aided training devices makes it possible to provide individual supportive therapy for each patient and is offered as part of the rehabilitation in addition to the individual therapies with physiotherapist and / or occupational therapist.


Quality management

"Competence and quality at all times" is our motto - a corporate philosophy lived by SANLAS Holding and its facilities.  Since 2005, SANLAS Holding is committed to meeting the extensive quality requirements of the international QM standard EN ISO 9001 as amended in their operations and processes, aiming at a continuous reviewing and improving of the quality of services.

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