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Therapy offer


The central concerns of the physiotherapeutic treatment are on the one hand the avoidance of dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system and on the other hand the preservation and restoration of the natural movement sequences in orthopedic as well as neurological patients, in order to enable optimal movement and pain relief and independence. 

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Clinical psychology

Various illnesses (e.g. stroke) or even accidents and surgeries can lead to impairments, which may affect behavior, perception, thinking, personality and emotional feeling. We offer therapeutic aids for coping with illnesses, reintegration into family and work life, as well as counseling of patients and their relatives.

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Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is used to treat patients who have problems coping with everyday life due to neurological or orthopaedic diseases. After detailed clarification, the therapist determines the treatment goals and therapy program with the patient. Therefore, occupational therapists specifically use individually adapted activities for treatment and rehabilitation. 

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Speech therapy

The tasks of speech therapy in neuro-rehabilitation are very diverse and range from logopedic clarification and speech therapy to counseling of relatives and patients. In the context of speech therapy, the following disorders are treated: dysphagia, facial paralysis and speech disorders.

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Sports science

The sports science team strives to improve the patient’s performance in the form of diverse group therapies. Special movement trainings, that are focusing on the patient's problematic areas, are taking place in the gym spine groups, back training sessions and coordinative groups. 

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Nutritional therapy

The right and conscious diet is a fundamental pillar of a healthy lifestyle. In the context of nutritional therapy, we advise patients and relatives on diabetes, lipid metabolism disorders, obesity, inflammation in the gastrointestinal area, kidney disease, celiac disease and food intolerances.

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Physical therapy

The highly trained and experienced team consists of medical masseurs and massage therapists, as well as medical-technical professionals (MTF & MTA) who care for our patients in the fields of thermotherapy, hydrotherapy and balneotherapy, as well as massage and electrotherapy.

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