Zufriedene Kundin der Privatklinik Laßnitzhöhe.

Physical therapy

Acute deficits are recognized by a precise physiotherapeutic assessment and treated adequately by means of an efficient therapy program. In order to be able to design the therapy individually, the physiotherapists have different treatment concepts and techniques at their disposal, such as: Bobath approach, Kinesio Taping, Myofascial Techniques, Nerve Mobilization (NOI), PNF, Feldenkrais method, Maitland, Kaltenborn, Cyriax and many more. The most commonly used form of therapy in connection with neurological patients is the Bobath concept, which can be individually adapted due to its diversity.

Also, movement-specific water therapies are offered in the indoor swimming pool. The equipment available for therapy includes: treadmill, exercise table with balance trainer, cycle ergometer, sling table, Galileo, the Motomed, CPM splint and the G-EO System Evolution.

In the field of physiotherapy, we offer patients further services as an aid to their recovery. These benefits fall under the term physical benefits. Our team consists of medical masseurs and massage therapists, as well as medical-technical professionals (MTF) and medical-technical assistants (MTA), who care for our patients in the fields of thermo, hydro and balneotherapy, as well as massage and electrotherapy. According to the medical advice, the following therapies are performed: acupuncture massage, connective tissue massage, cranio-sacral therapy, foot reflexology massage, therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage, orthobionomy, segmental massage, thermal, hydro and balneotherapy (bubble, cell and medical baths). 

Goals of physiotherapy: 

  • Improvement of the function of the affected side and inhibition of compensatory movement patterns
  • Consciousness of the affected side
  • Reorganization of the interaction of the two body halves (integration). 
  • Use of everyday activities for therapeutic purposes (integration into everyday life)
  • Promotion of self-reliance and self-esteem through appropriate help (handling, bearing)
  • Psychosocial safety and professional reintegration
  • Stimulation of normal equilibrium reactions and automatic movement sequences in various starting positions with mobile elements
  • Preventing and / or improving the wrong posture and movement patterns
  • Minimizing confusion and disorientation 
  • Producing a physiological gait, aid and testing in orthopaedic patients

Additional help with:

  • Pain reduction and scar mobilization
  • Regaining the best possible mobility
  • Muscle building 
  • Leg axis training
  • Avoidance of consequential damage 
  • Providing with advice and trainings for the relatives 

The field of electrotherapy includes the magnetic field, ultrasound applications and other various newly developed forms of therapy in the area of medium frequency, low frequency and interference.