Zufriedene Kundin der Privatklinik Laßnitzhöhe.

Speech therapy


  • Logopedic clarification of the swallowing ability.
  • Cooperation with our ENT consultant. Carrying out the trans nasal flexible endoscopy for a medical swallow. Functional training of the swallow-relevant structures as well as work on sensitivity
  • Adjusting the diet in cooperation with our dieticians
  • Elaboration of swallowing maneuvers
  • Conducting therapeutic mealtimes

Facial paralysis

Treatment of central and peripheral facial paralysis with various techniques such as LOCATION, PNF etc.

Speech disorders

  • The main goal is to build, improve or restore verbal and non-verbal communication skills whenever possible.
  • Causal treatment of disorders of the internal language, in order to subsequently improve the affected modalities such as for example reading, writing and understanding.
  • In certain cases, use of compensatory methods, for example development of communication books, gesture training, etc.

Speaking difficulties

Establishment, improvement or restoration of communication skills through targeted breathing, vocal and articulation training.